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From hurricanes to hailstorms, fires to floods, rigs to refineries, Worley Catastrophe Response deploys highly trained professionals to the scenes of America’s largest catastrophic events.

In the wake of natural, weather-related events or man-made environmental disasters, Worley manages catastrophic loss caseloads, leveraging technology and offering solutions to clients in their time of need.

Who We Are

We are an enterprise of claims professionals, doing our best to know our clients and meet their individual needs. We handle a large volume of claims, and this means that operational excellence is more than a goal — it is a daily requirement. With a strong tradition of professional development, our people represent Worley’s greatest competitive advantage.

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What We Do

As a diversified risk management company, Worley balances claims, recovery costs, and the public-relations backlash following a disaster. For the past 30 years, the success of our business has depended upon understanding and satisfying our customers one claim at a time. Single-minded focus. Up close and personal. No substitute.

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How We Do It

In our dynamic and competitive world, to stand still is to be left behind. Worley is focused on game-changing innovation, keeping our existing service capabilities fresh while relentlessly developing new capabilities for the future to provide the tools that our clients need. It is our drive to innovate and excel that sets Worley apart.

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Our Services

  • CATASTROPHE OPERATIONS Event response begins with Worley’s Catastrophe Operations, which is tasked with clearly defining and maintaining deployment levels and event-specific requirements for the supply chain of skilled professionals that make up our catastrophe response teams.
  • DAILY CLAIMS SERVICES Worley Claims Service provides the insurance market with a wide range of claims adjustment and management services tailored to meet the specific demands of its clients. These services are provided in a prompt, precise and cost-effective manner.
  • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT To be ready for any eventuality, Worley’s Training department hosts courses and activities for every level of action. From incoming applicants to seasoned specialists, Worley’s Training provides the industry’s top certification and continuing education capabilities.
  • LIABILITY CLAIMS GROUP Environmental incidents are among the most costly losses that can occur. When these events take place, an immediate response is vital for the successful resolution of the loss. That’s where the Worley Environmental Response Division can help.
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS SERVICES Worley Information Technology and Business Services Division was organized to pursue claims processing efficiency through emerging technology and to provides technical and business service support to internal Worley customers and external clients.