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Environmental incidents are among the most costly losses that can occur. When these events take place, an immediate response is vital for the successful resolution of the loss. That’s where Worley can help.

Balancing claims, clean-up costs, and the public relations backlash following an environmental event can be overwhelming for any company. But with a team of experts by your side, clean-up can soon be underway and claims quickly resolved, all while maintaining the integrity of your company as well as your bottom line.

Worley provides seasoned managers and loss adjustment specialists capable of field deployment anywhere in the United States with minimal response time. We can resolve third-party liability, environmental impairment, physical damage, and income loss claims. Our on-site monitors and accountants provide a realistic audit trail by tracking clean-up costs and monitoring usage of equipment and personnel.

Worley Environmental Operations is experienced in conducting town hall meetings, community expos, media public relations, and special interest group meetings to answer questions, disseminate information, and provide any requested assistance to the public regarding the claims process. Within two hours of an event, Worley can establish for publication a toll free number under OPA guidelines with additional call center capabilities that include 24/7 claims intake and inquiry requests.

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What We Do
  • Toll-free event number established within 2 hours for publication
  • 24/7 Intake assistance with customized intake scripts
  • Direct referral calls to your departments, i.e. media, press, etc.
  • Automated claims management system
  • Data entry and document management
  • Mailing campaigns
  • Quality assurance, compliance and monitoring
  • Inbound/Outbound call centers
  • Payment processing
  • Complex reporting
Worley Advantages
Large Volume Event Experience:

With 40 years experience, Worley’s trained professionals offer a sensitive and rapid approach to program management.

  • Proven workflow design assures superior results.
  • Reduces learning curves, resulting in lower cost for effective implementation.
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Large-Scale Deployment Experience

Worley has considerable experience providing personnel and services for large-scale CDBG programs.

  • Experience on similar events results in more efficient workforce and resource deployment.
  • High capacity enables work surge demands.
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Shared Goals

Worley’s onsite management works closely with all program stakeholders to communicate and deliver desired results.

  • Solid understanding of program requirements and priorities ensures consistent project performance.
  • Effective communication promotes a cohesive team.
  • Proven track record reduces performance risk.
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Who We Need

Worley is actively seeking entry level, mid-career, and experienced claims professionals with the following interests and areas of expertise: 

  • Customer service experience
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Basic computing and report writing
  • Strong analytical and investigative skills
  • Accounting & finance
  • Residential construction knowledge
  • Commercial construction knowledge
  • Knowledge of applicable insurance regulations and statutes
  • Bilingual fluency is a plus

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Service Contact


Charlie Bilbe
SVP – Environmental and TPA Services 

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