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The corporate slogan Certainty in a World of Risk may not be a familiar motto to most people, but to our clients it sounds very familiar.  For more than 35 years, the claims professionals of Worley have rushed to the scenes of America’s largest natural or manmade disasters propelling Worley to not only one of the largest private companies in Louisiana, but to one of the largest of its kind in the country.  From explosions to hailstorms, shipping incidents to hurricanes, Worley’s specialized teams handle property and casualty claims on behalf of insurance companies, governmental entities, and self-insured businesses and organizations.

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Claims Administration
Claims Administration Golden

Worley offers nationwide claim handling designed to respond to the unique requirements and environments of our clients. Our clients include…

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Governmental Services
Large group of Business people meeting

Worley has proven performance capacity in providing staffing solutions and services for HUD regulated and state run CDBG disaster recovery…

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Specialty Staffing
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Worley provides specialty staffing to private, public corporations, and governmental agencies.

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Environmental Services
Environmental 500

Environmental incidents are among the most costly losses that can occur and an immediate response is vital for the successful resolution of…

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