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Worley’s ability to build and deliver tailored technology solutions for the disaster recovery and day claims market in both the private and governmental sectors remains a critical competitive advantage.  We have created customized solutions that range from catastrophe claims management systems with an integrated client back office to grant management applications that facilitate centralized data management, workflow management, and rich reporting.  Our capabilities include client needs assessment, requirements development detailing a solution package, software development, implementation and dedicated support throughout the process and beyond launch.  Our seasoned team of professionals achieve these objectives through effective use of modern web based technologies, custom development, seamless integrations and project management focused on delivering solutions within the prescribed time and budget constraints.

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What We Do
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Technology Infrastructure & Operations
  • Service Desk
  • Application Management
  • Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
Portfolio Highlights

Disaster Recovery Grant Management System

The Grant Management System manages the workflow throughout an applicant’s lifecycle.  From initiation through the event’s end our application manages the applicant document process in its entirety as dictated by Grant’s governing guidelines.  In addition to managing the requisite documentation, we have seamlessly incorporated an integrated task management system to simplify, facilitate and encourage collaboration.  We also offer several methods to share the data with 3rd party systems through automated data transfers and can customize these data exchanges to meet any special requirements.  Finally, we provide a deep set of canned reports and customized reporting interfaces to provide users transparency into the system.


Catastrophe Claims & Event Management System

We have developed a system designed to manage the activities inherently born out of catastrophic events.  The core of the application is a comprehensive general claims management system designed for settling property and bodily injury claims.  Its scope includes a comprehensive documented workflow of claimants and claims through the claims lifecycle from initiation through payment.  Payments can be managed with a variety of methods including exporting data to a client’s payable system, 3rd party integration or utilizing our proprietary payables engine.  The desired output vehicle is system agnostic affording the flexibility necessary to operate in this dynamic environment.  Finally, the system is complimented by a feature rich reporting engine capable of industry standard reports, user queried custom reports and management dashboards. 

Who We Need

Worley regularly seeks entry level, mid-career and experienced technology professionals with the following interests and areas of expertise:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Application Development & Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Operations
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Service Desk Management

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Adam Menszer
SVP – Information Technology

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